Division Street Business Development Association (DSBDA) is a not for profit organization committed to the economic and social development of the Humboldt Park Community. The Mission of DSBDA is to facilitate the organization of individuals in the field of business and commerce who seek to enhance their participation in the economic structure of our community and the City of Chicago.

BRIEF TIME LINE of Achievements

1984 DSBDA is Founded by a group of local Businesses.
1995 Paseo Boricua is inaugurated with the Steel Flag archway on Artesian and Division.
1999 Paseo Boricua Directory of Businesses. Work on Façade Rebate Program begins to add Old San Juan motifs to existing buildings.
2000 Paseo Boricua Fesibility Study for The Establishment of a Puerto Rican Restaurant and Entertainment District, conducted by DSBDA and University of Illinois Center For Urban Economic Development. First Annual Three Kings Winter Festival and Parade.
2001 First annual Haunted Paseo Boricua.
2003 Completion of 10 Facades on Paseo Boricua.
2005 Paseo Boricua Business Center Opens with 6 incubator offices. 2007 DSBDA Strategic Plan initiated.


Name Title Business Affiliation
Standley Kustra Board President Joe’s Hardware Store (Owner)
Roberto Tañon Board Treasurer La Bruquena Restaurant (Owner)
Jose Allende Board Member Coco Restaurant (Owner)
Roberto Maldonado Board Member Cook County Commissioner (4th District), People’s Choice Mortgage Inc. (Owner)
Yecelia Morquecho Board Member Gamerz Plus (Owner)
Natalie Casas Board Member Branch Manager Banco Popular
Tajani Farhan Board Member Farhan and Associates (Owner)
Michael Rodriguez Board Member La Voz del Paseo Boricua Newspaper (Editor)
Alberto Vázquez Board Member YGO Salon (Owner)
Enrique Salgado Jr. Executive Director Non Voting Member of DSBDA STAFF
Enrique Salgado, Jr. Executive Director Division Street Business Development Association


For nearly over two decades DSBDA has provided technical assistance to the Puerto Rican/ Latino businesses in West Town/ Humboldt Park. Currently, DSBDA is the lead organization in charge of the development of Paseo Boricua, an ethnic enclave in the heart of the Puerto Rican community (Division Street, Western to Mozart).

Enrique Salgado, Jr. was born and raised in Humboldt Park, and has been Executive Director of DSBDA since 2000. He volunteered with the Association for three years prior to becoming Executive Director.

He is a Board Member of the Juan Antonio Corretjer Puerto Rican Cultural Center; Bickerdike Redevelopment Corporation and has a seat on the following committees; Humboldt Park Advisory Council for the Chicago Park District, and the Humboldt Park Redevelopment Area Steering Committee. He is also Chair of the Economic Development Action Team for the Humboldt Park Redevelopment Area. He is also a part of the Write College Humboldt Park Vocational Center Advisory Council and the Sate Treasurer Gonarlia’s Latino Advisory Council.

During his tenure DSBDA has grown in staff, budget, in its vision and programs. He also facilitated the development and creation of the Paseo Boricua Business Center, which is one of the first small business incubators in Humbolddt Park as well as the offices of DSBDA. Through DSBDA's work the commercial activity has grown along Division Street to over $33 million dollars in investments both public and private within the last seven years.

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