Content Management Made Easy

Do you constantly need to update your website with new information? jDT Creative Content can help you to keep your website accurate and up to date while still maintaining its style and professionalism. jDT Creative is equipped with the latest professional software to keep your website information current.


Website Maintenance

Let jDT Creative update your website’s information, such as news, events, press releases, or textual corrections. Also keep your graphics, logos, Flash elements, and photos up-to-date with jDT Creative's web maintenance services. Outdated and irrelevant text can be frustrating or misleading to your website’s visitors and can misrepresent your website’s image. jDT Provides timely updates to your website. Turnaround times for non-priority updates are less than 24 hours.

jDT Creative has a long history of managing content for a diverse group of website owners.

Website Backups

A backup of your entire website is performed by default when you open an account with jDT Creative. Have a database? No worries, your database will also be backed up. All files on your server are copied locally just in case your website should ever crash. Backups are performed weekly. Websites with more frequent updates are backed up daily.

If you’re running a web application such as Wordpress, Zen Cart, or Joomla – jDT will back up your precious database and server files before any major modifications are performed to your website software. Don’t make the mistake of not having a backup to resort to in case any conflicts arise.


Up-to-Date Content

It is commonly known that search engines such as Google take into consideration how often a website refreshes its content when assigning page ranks for search engine results. Keep your website fresh with new and up-to-date information with jDT Creative content management services.

Content Production

Content-rich websites are everything. Enrich your website by having jDT Creative Content produce text relative to your website. Having a website online is synonymous with having information online for visitors to browse and determine whether what you have to offer is right for them. Many websites tend to lack information, or be too basic. If you feel that your new or existing website is a little lacking in content, then jDT Creative Content is just for you.

You’d be pleased to know that we take care in providing you with precise and articulate copy for any subtopics required for your website. This is accomplished by interviewing you as well as researching related content to your website.

jDT Creative Content will provide content to you where there was none. Here at jDT, we understand that not just any content should be posted online. Quality text is edited, proofread, and polished to ensure that your website means what it says.