• HTML
    • PSD template to HTML coding
    • Form Installations
    • Markup Optimizations
    • Markup Validation
    • Video Code Embedding
    • Cross-browswer compatibility
  • CSS
    • Stylization / Formatting
    • Aesthetic Effects
    • Appearance Updates

Javascript Installations

  • Functionality
    • Form Validation
    • Modal Windows
    • Menus
  • Effects
    • Photo Galleries
    • Image Rollovers
    • Accordions
    • Slideshows
    • News Feeds
  • Scripting Tweaks

Web App Installations

  • Content Management Software:
    Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal
  • Shopping Carts:
    Zen Cart, OS Commerce
  • Google Tools:
    Analytics, Adwords, Adsense
  • Widget Installations

Hosting & Domains

  • Website Transfers
  • Hosting Available
  • Hosting Setups
  • Database backups
  • DNS Updates
  • Domain Name Forwarding
  • Email setups
  • Email Client setups:
    Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple Mail

SEO & Website Marketing

  • Keyword Insertion
  • Meta Tag Insertion
  • Webpage Title Rewrites
  • Markup Validation
  • Link building, Link exchange
  • Directory Registration
  • Google Analytics
  • Social Networking Account Setups:
    Facebook, Twitter, YouTube

Enhance Your Website

As your business grows and evolves, jDT Creative will make sure that your website continues to be updated and improved right along with it. A number of services are offered dedicated in improving the functionalities and performance of your website.


An interactive website is a happy website. It’s no secret that websites that are purely informational with minimal interaction are bound to have a higher bounce rate than websites that allow visitors to interact.

Let jDT Creative add functionality to your website. The addition of features such as email contact forms and shopping carts not only make it easier for your prospective clients to use your website, but also enable you to run your business more successfully.

Web Apps

jDT Creative Web Development is experienced in the art of producing of more complex dynamic websites that allow you to administer your users and content. We are experienced in developing various web application softwares, including (but not limited to): Wordpress, Joomla, Open X, PHPBB, Drupal, OS Commerce, and Zen Cart.

Hosting Solutions

jDT Creative Hosting is here to help you with technical hosting support, including domain name transfers, file transfers, and hosting transfers. We also offer web hosting.


A slow or difficult to navigate website is sure to drive prospective clients and customers straight to your competition. jDT Creative will ensure that your website is fast, efficient, and easy to use without compromising its innovative design.


Aesthetics / Visual Effects

Aesthetics provided to your website visitors will increase continuing interest and regard to your website. Enhance your website’s appeal with pleasing aesthetics.

Adding special effects to your website, such as animation and flash introductions, is a surefire way to attract attention to your business. jDT Creative specialize in using state-of-the art technology to give your website a sharp edge with visual effects.

Design Tweaks

Get tweaked out with jDT Creative Tweak, a service focused on tweaking your website’s image to fit your vision of perfection.

jDT Creative works closely with your website’s CSS (cascading style sheets) to modify the smallest design details within your website – from a rounded corner to an entire modification of website’s theme.


Keep it functional with jDT Creative Troubleshooting. jDT Creative reliable and here to help, when common website glitches occur. Don’t allow errors and problems with your website discourage your from promoting your business and interacting with your clients.

jDT Creative is here to help and will repair your website’s problems quickly and effectively, so you can get back to business fast.